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In today’s market it takes a lot more then baking cookies and delicious smells to get a buyer to bite into what you’re selling. So today we are going to be talking about eight EASY steps that you as a seller can help make your home sell!

  1. Price $$$ – When it comes down to it, there is really one main factor to help your home sell fast. That is: It must be the best home for the best price. Your Signature realtor is an awesome source when it comes to pricing! They work with houses on a daily basis and know what price will sell and what price will leave your home unnoticed.
  2. Keep It Clean – Clean every inch of the inside of your house and keep the yard maintained all the way until closing! This will help attract buyers and will eliminate the opportunity of the buyer getting distracted by that pile of laundry you forgot about or the tall weeds that may take away from your garden. Additionally, a clean maintained house can even help higher the value of your home!!!
  3. Photos, Photos, Photos – Online appeal and photos are very important when it comes to marketing your house! Having pets and things that can hint to a smoking household in pictures can turn people away from you house due to allergies and preference. You can have the “loveliest” home but without pictures to prove it no one will believe it. Your Signature realtor understands this and that is why they will insist on at least 25 photos of your home.
  4. Get Involved – By staying in contact with your Signature realtor you can put in your input as well as your knowledge of the home. After all you do know your home best!
  5. First Impressions Count – Curb appeal is huge! By making your “curb” clean and presentable one is more likely to stop and grab a brochure. Making them stop and think about your house is half the battle! So I ask, how clean is your curb?
  6. The Colors of Success – Of course you have the freedom of expression when it comes to decorating you home but let’s face it, when you are selling, not everyone can appreciate an orange bathroom or pink ceiling so paint it a nice neutral color such as beige or white. People want to feel relaxed in your home and bright vibrant colors can take that away leaving your buyers feeling over whelmed and ready to leave.  Also, people don’t want something that will take them days and multiple primers to cover up.
  7. Something Smells Fishy – Buying a home is an emotional process; you want to set a scene but do not over kill it. When people step into a strongly perfumed house the first thing that comes to a buyer’s mind is what are you trying to hide. Scented candles are fine as long as you don’t over kill.
  8. No Surprises – Have an inspector walk through your house as if you were buying it. This way when the final inspection happens before you are ready to close you will know exactly what to expect and will not be caught off guard.

By following these easy steps, you will have our home sold in no time!



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Today we will be talking about how to make a seller take a serious look into your offer. When searching for a home you want to get the best house for the best price. Common sense will tell you that offering a lot of money will persuade the seller your way. However what most people don’t realize is that money is not the only answer and the buyer with the highest bid does not always prevail.  Each seller is different and thus you need to outfit your bid to stand out to your seller in a way that would best suit them.

1st thing you want to do is classify what type of seller you are dealing with.  Although each seller is different, there are 5 main categories in which you can generally classify your seller.  These categories are: The must sell Sellers (who can also be classified as a moving seller), the burned seller, the busy seller, the sentimental seller, and the unmotivated seller.

The Must Sell Sellers are generally in the middle of purchasing or moving into a new home and thus they might want the house to close in a quick and efficient manner. What you can do in this situation is talk to your Signature Realtor and discuss accelerating the deal.

The Burned Seller is generally a seller that had a previous buyer that sounded committed and then abandoned the deal. This seller is looking for a buyer they can rely on. By putting earnest money down or offering to pay in cash you can gain this seller’s trust. Paying in cash shows your seller that you are financially solid and promises a quick closing and no waiting for you to get financing.  If this buyer sees that you are serious about this home they are more likely to sway your way because they trust that you follow through with your deal.

The Busy Seller may be looking for the relief of letting their home go as is freeing them from timely inspections and home repairs. You can sweeten your offer by to waving the inspection,  saving them time and putting you on their radar.

The Sentimental Seller is someone who cherishes their home and the memories they shared within it. Often times the assurance that the buyer will treasure their home as they once had will give them the comfort they need and thus sway them in your direction when it comes to your offer. We suggest writing your sellers a “love letter” telling them why you love their home and explaining  what owning this house would do for you.

The Unmotivated Seller is someone who is often looking to turn a profit and thus will often put their home on the market for extended periods of time and thus they have no real urgency to move. Negotiation with this seller is difficult.  For these sellers we recommend that you offer the full asking price.

Armed with whatever you have learned about your sellers and your Signature Realtor you are ready to imagine any objections they might make against your offer and will be ready to disarm and get the best deal for your home.

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